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Welcome to 4th Grade at Santa Fe Elementary!
I teach language arts and social studies classes for the general education students.  Fourth grade is a fun year because students learn all about Texas history and delve deep into writing!  
In fourth grade students take three  STAAR tests in the spring.  The writing test comes first, in March.  Fourth graders get lots of practice writing essays and revising and editing.  There is huge growth gained in writing during fourth grade. We will prepare for the reading STAAR throughout the year.  We will go beyond decoding and fluency and dig deep into reading skills that students will be tested on such as inferencing, drawing conclusions and finding text evidence. Many reading skills will be practiced during our social studies lessons as we read expository materials on Texas history topics.
In fourth grade we will take a very special field trip to Austin to visit the capitol building, the Bob Bullock Museum, and the Texas Rangers Museum in Waco.  It will be super to be immersed in the history we have learned about in class!  
Students will have homework for my class Monday through Thursday.    Each morning they need to turn in a page (any scrap paper from home will do) on which they practiced their spelling words for the week.  It is up to each family to decide how much practice is needed each evening, but something must be turned in each day to receive credit. Students may practice the words creatively by writing the words in shaving cream, sand, sugar, on sand paper, etc. as long as a parent writes me a note stating that this took place.  A note would need to be written each evening that the words were practiced in this way.  No homework is excused unless I receive a note from a parent or guardian.  Students should also read at home for about 20 minutes each evening in the chapter book they are currently reading.
As the year progresses students may do practice pages for homework on various reading or writing skills we have learned, on top of doing some reading and practicing their spelling words.  This will give them extra practice as they prepare for the STAAR test.   

 A little bit about me:
I was raised and educated in California.  I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies, met my teacher certification requirements, and earned my Master of Arts degree in Education, with an emphasis in reading, all at Pacific Union College.
I met my husband in college and then moved with him to Florida where he finished his degree.  We enjoyed the east side of the country for four years before moving to Cleburne in 1998.  We have made Cleburne our home.  We have a teenage son who adds lots of entertainment to our lives!
I have teaching certifications for general education grades PK - 8th grade, Language Arts grades 4-8, and English as a second language. I have experience teaching grades 1, 3, 4, and 7.

I look forward to meeting you in person!  Let me know if I can answer any questions or help in any way!